Spring 2013, I traveled to Japan to perform at Billboard Live with PFunk, we did the Billboard in Tokyo and Osaka.  While in Tokyo, me and some of my band mates hopped the Yamanote line to visit the Meiji Jingu Shrine, other vocalist, Kim Manning had suggested the trip.  It was a beautiful shrine and we will totally explore other experiences here, but I wanted to reflect on the beautiful nuptial theme we happened upon while there. I bumped into a clearing where I was able to peek (the camera is peeking too, you can barely see), because I didn’t want to be disrespectful by getting to close, and caught a bride being prepared with such beautiful reverence and what looked like ritual level of care.  It could’ve been business as usual but it was breath taking to me…

Japanese bride being prepared in Meiji Shrine for her wedding

Bride being prepared in Meiji Shrine for her nuptials


Then when we entered the square or the main area leading to the actual shrine to prepare for some meditation and prayer, we bumped into a ceremony or at least a procession as part of another wedding, and the drum sounded out and it was extremely majestic… Beautiful:)

Meiji Shrine Wedding Procession