As many of you know, In September/October, this year 2014 (earlier in the fall:), I was invited by the awesome Simone Leigh, artist, to perform for the “Medicine” and “Jazz” portion of the “FunkGodJazzMedicine: Black Radical Brooklyn” exhibition presented by Creative Time (same folk that presented #karawalkerdomino) and Weeksville Heritage Center, to bring more awareness to the historic Weeksville. Weeksville, a 19th century community composed of present-day neighborhoods Bed Stuy and Crown Heights was one of America’s first free Black communities.  The community was named for James Weeks who in 1938 purchased property in order to create “an intentional landowning community just eleven years after slavery was abolished in New York State.” The exhibit also reflects on Black self determination for dignity, rights, ownership, pursuit of prosperity through many facets from medicine and militance to music and worship in the midst of much adversity and oppression.

October 4th, Simone provided me the awesome opportunity to interview and perform at the “Jazz” portion of the exhibit, the Otabenga Jones & Associates exhibit– I will post about that as well here, it deserves it’s own story #staytuned:)– and after I had a blast doing that, I decided I had to go check out the “Funk” portion which I ironically was not performing in:)  I knew it was going to be awesome but I had no idea…

Xenobia Bailey/Boys & Girls High School 1


#stillondamothership w/Xenobia Bailey and Boys & Girls High School


Xenobia Bailey, a true Funkateer, an Artist, an Educator, a motivator, an inspiration. Her exhibit in collaboration with the Boys & Girls High School juniors and seniors was the “Funk” element.  As she insisted her genius artistic touch to this project was simply the guidance and encouragement of the budding genius of the young folk collaborating with her.  That their young brilliant minds dreamed up many of the fascinating functional and funky furniture made out of everyday paper products creating a very sustainable and attractive living situation for extremely low cost and totally promotes recycling as well. Her guidance reminded them to make their beautiful visions be tangibly sound as well. She explained that the awesome visions of the students were manifested through their constant awareness and intention that the pieces truly be functional and were always tested as such.  The pieces were impressive and some quite beautiful and enchanting, totally giving Ikea a run for it’s money, lol. The Boys & Girls High School “traces its roots back to Brooklyn’s first public high school, founded in 1878. “The Pride and Joy of Bed-Stuy… Prominent alumni include Shirely Chisholm, Lena Horne, and Randy Weston.” Xenobia Bailey was so sweet, such a joy, and humble for such a powerful and renowned force.  She loves, loves, loves the Funk and George and PFunk….. Baba, she said she wants to make you a crown!!!!! Yay Xenobia Bailey!!! Yay Boys & Girls High School!!!

Xenobia explaining her and Boys & Girls High School funky functional furnitureXenobia Bailey/Boys & Girl's club funk-tional furnitureXenobia Bailey/ Boys & Girls High School Funk ShrineXenobia Bailey and Boys & Girls High School Funktional FurnitureXenobia Bailey and Kendra Foster, "FunkGodJazzMedicine"

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