Raw Honey Vol. 2



  1. Bon Jour Mon Cheri Parkside Lounge NYC
  2. Don't Dilute Ur Righteousness
  3. Far Away (Live)
  4. Promise 2 Stay Here Live at Parkside Lounge
  5. Round Midnight
  6. SOL

My Beloveds

I names this series “Raw Honey” because these recordings are raw, uncut sweetness either directly from the sound board or various recording apparati–whatever I could get my hands on– to capture these priceless, precious musical moments I created along with some of the best musicians on the planet. I was so excited about the preservation of these live shows that I wanted to share it with ya’ll.

Though raw honey is unfiltered, it is still smooth, sweet, and indulgent. Like unto are these recordings….

This second volume has an array of live performances from different shows in different cities and with different assortments of genius players I was blessed to play with.  These are the players in various configurations:

Chris Pattishall-keys, Jacob Webb-bass, Nathan Webb-drums, Rico Lewis-drums, Whitney Russell-keys, Vincent Burwell-guitar, Stephanie Battle-vocals